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  1. + GAMES ON OFFER - Check out my ebay shop - Link *Paypal accepted For best prices contact me directly Many games include email change + CONTACT Instagram: @chaosgamesonline Email: [email protected]
  2. Weekends over and still no compensation RIP
  3. They have been offline largely since January 1st.
  4. Hi, I saw your post about rust accounts. I sell 0 hour accounts for £8 if you are interested. Thanks, D.
  5. 'HC staff have families too and are away over christmas'. Its halfway through January yet: Administration staff have been scarce if not non existent. The website has been down for god knows how long You are advertising expired voucher codes on your front page - now I have bitcoin I cant spend. I didn't realise it was soo difficult to give someone 90usd for a week sub
  6. It's still being advertised on the front page! Adding more bitcoin will now take another 24 hours for the funds to become useable.. hows that fair? Amusing seeing you try and insult me when I have a perfectly reasonable argument you melt 😉
  7. I just bought the bitcoin, now the discount code doesn't work?!
  8. Hi, I am planning on subbing on rust following the BP wipe Thursday, is it likely to be undetected anytime soon? Anyone know what the ban rate is like atm? Thanks, D.
  9. Sorry ignore what I said previously, HC recently changed it so you will get compensated regardless of whether the status is undetected or testing.
  10. You only get compensation for downtime when you buy a sub that is undetected on the status page. I understand it's Christmas holidays but I would advise that you wait for it to go green. Thanks, D.
  11. Hi, I want to get a sub for the monthly wipe on Thurs January 2nd. My question is: - Is the cheat useable after the Rust wipe / update? - If not, how long does it usually take to be updated? Thanks, D.
  12. 2 new games stocked: Assassin's Creed Odyssey: £20.00 Dead by Daylight: £7.50