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  1. Hello, Have had various conversations with staff about Streamer Mode for the Rust Lv 2 Sub. One conversation highlighted it may be added September / October time, any news on this? I understand it is a feature that has already been implemented in other HC cheats, therefore surely it is just a case of implementing the same process? Even if it was something as simple as rendering to steam overlay, so game recorders such as OBS could record the game without the cheat showing up?? Thoughts? Thanks, D.
  2. For me at least, the names, health bars etc appear all in one place in the centre of the cargo ship, leaving me without any indication of where they are. This is me being very nit picky, I'll let the legit players have even odds on one event in game 🤣
  3. Hello, so I've had around 8-10 weekly subs now over the past year. ESP 9/10 - Works flawlessly except on the Cargo ship. Aimbot 8/10 - Excellent with guns, mediocre with bows of any kind. Again, malfunctions on Cargo ship. Misc Settings 11/10 - functions such as always day, Spider-Man and debugcamera actually rocks my world. Software Performance 8/10 - Bugs & blue screens occur infrequently, perhaps once every 6 hours of consecutive gameplay. This is the best iteration of this cheat that HC have released, the performance is smooth as hell. ONE IMPROVEMENT PLEASE - add streamer mode. Love love love. Be aware once you start cheating, there's no going back. Don't make the decision lightly. Also, if you place on rustafied servers, your clan will get banned also. Thanks, D.
  4. On Plati.ru / steamby etc etc where do all these cheap accounts come from? Are they cracked / stolen / bulk purchased? There seems to be an unlimited supply
  5. I'm HWID banned on EAC for sure. I get on average 2-3 days on a rust account with spoofer enabled using HC; getting banned for numerous reasons. Doesn't matter though, accounts are CHEAP if you know where to find them.
  6. The rust hack has been on testing for some time now. Could someone give some information regarding: - The current performance of the hack? - How many hours you are all playing before ban? Peace, Dave.
  7. Agree with everything you said - I would personally recommend that you avoid resellers altogether and just use a wallet such as Uphold and purchase straight from HC.
  8. WHAT TO DO FOLLOWING BAN 1. Download RevoUninstaller, CCleaner and PrivaZer 2. Use RevoUninstaller to uninstall steam and rust 3. Use CCleaner to remove temporary files 4. Use PrivaZer to clean internet traces 5. Google 'what's my IP' - write it down 6. Turn off your router, wait a couple of minutes then restart 7. Check to make sure your IP has changed. 8. Reinstall steam and rust 9. Upvote this comment. Peace, Dave.
  9. Total sub time: 4 weeks. Cheat 9.7/10. Performance 5/10. Support 6/10. Compensation policy 1/10. This is going to be my honest review about HC and cheating in general. The cheat is incredible, however the experience of getting everything to work consistently can be extremely stressful. Pros: - If you are serious about rust and prepared to play all day every day - then the $100/week Lv2 Sub is worth it. - Features are abundant and work flawlessly - only features that should be added are terrain clipping & silent aim (For the purpose of competing against hackers from other cheat providers - NOT for abusing the community). **Misc>AdminMode>DEBUGCAMERA IS AWESOME** - HC are providing a public cheat that works most of the time, which is a lifesaver considering I have spent months trying to get invites to other private cheats. - The HC community is active and the cheats are constantly being updated to combat anti-cheat updates. Cons (With regards to HC): - The cheat has a tendency to crash - which at times can be infuriating - crafting in particular often causes mine to crash. - The detection status very often does not reflect reality - However I do understand this is difficult to maintain with 100% accuracy. - The compensation policy needs a complete OVERHAUL -Previously, I lost an entire $100 sub and 4 accounts when the cheat was unusable and got 0 compensation and sarcastic comments (Not cool). - Further to the previous comment, HC are selling at a luxury price point, however the performance and customer service does not reflect this; if I pay that amount of money, I expect the damn thing to work; and if not COMPENSATION is required. Cons (With regards to cheating): - If you are considering cheating for the first time, remember once you decide to go ahead you may never get to play legit again; you will likely get HWID banned, your clan may disown you to avoid association and you may never enjoy playing legit again. Peace. Dave.
  10. I am selling Rust accounts for 12GBP / 15.50USD / 13.70EUR - Paypal Only Message me if interested. Thanks, Dave
  11. Log in to your VIP HC account and post a thread on the forum.
  12. Pray for the poor souls of rustafied 😉
  13. Has Rust Lv2 cheat been updated following wipe schedule? Thanks, Dave.
  14. Woah thank you so much, I knew you would make the right decision in the end!