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  1. Looking to buy an account for max 5$. Looking to get it ASAP PM or Comment under here!
  2. Hey as the title states, im looking for a NordVPN Premium account that has more than 1-2 years of time left. Either post here or PM me. Will use middleman on request! Payment Via Paypal or bank transfer
  3. I think the Rust lvl 1 cheat doesn't have enough Features Right now it has: Visibility check Bones Distance Weapon/tool in hand What i think it should have: Always day Admin mode Item ESP No Sway (Not sure About this one) Player ESP as listed above!
  4. 1.PUBG hasn't been detected in a Long time 2.PUBG isn't very likely to be detected either because admins update it after the updates if necessary
  5. XD i suppose that means Good Luck with finding Raw Footage
  6. Im currently Looking to become a Content Creator for Hypercheats.gg If u are subscribed to their rust cheat please record some Gameplay with your cheats and upload it to YouTube and send it in here, if u can! Thanks in Advance 🙂
  7. Doesnt matter anymore since im german i cant signup on venmo anyways 😕