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  1. Joined 39 minutes ago, posted 4 minutes after joining about wanting to become a reseller... let me tell you, aint gonna happen! Resellers have to earn their trust with activity and loyalty. Only users that are trusted in this community can even apply for being a reseller and still most of them get denied.
  2. yeah ofc thats obv im doing that already
  3. @The1 gives me a Systemerror 5: Access Denied. Any Ideas on what do to? It keeps asking me "if the process has already started" and when I input N for no it just repeats it with error 5 and asks the question again
  4. Maruv - Focus on me Thanks for this giveaway!
  5. mrbeast1986


    Keep all deals on site do not use discord!
  6. Recieved the giveaway accounts Thanks!
  7. My Fav pizza is Tuna and Onion with garlic forsure never eaten anything better Thanks for the giveaway have a blast (party time woop woop)
  8. Why did the level 3 workbench cross the road? (Play along @hexdzn)
  9. Took my 6$ Paypal and delievered the account in less than 5 minutes. Good Sale. Vouched
  10. PM me if you take paypal Please.
  11. Hypercheats is the only thing that could defeat Chuck Norris 😛 . #EzClap