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  1. Waiting for compensation as well
  2. I think admin can turn it on ore off, like some server show in chat when u get kicked for fly hack violation, and some servers do not, I think its the same if u get banned. I played on EU Facepunch 1 a while ago with some friends, and when I got banned it showed up in chat, but the server im on now, does not show it
  3. DaShots


    Dont ever ever EVER cheat on your main account, ore an account u dont wanna risk getting banned. If u cheat on a account, IT will get banned some day! Manually ore by detection. My advise to you / buy a pc to cheat on, and dont risk getting your own machine HWID banned. My LAPTOP is banned, I cant play unless I use the HWID spoofer, and I just play LoL by now until I get my new pc to play legit on, and cheat on laptop
  4. A whole game i made a chicken dinner, and still playing now, like 2 hours so far
  5. Is PUBG still chrashing ore is it fixed?
  6. No it has not, i have rust level 2 for next month, and pubg level 2 for tomorrow ehen i click manage purchases
  7. I suddenly told in chat that i dont have permission to chat?
  8. They only marked the cheat itseld as deteced, so I dont think the spoofer is detected
  9. Can I have an admin to look into my compensation aswell? I remembered I had 2 days to go Sry for using your tread ^^