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  1. On a public cheat forum I wouldnt recommend to share kind of information :)
  2. Hi guys , I bought the rust lvl1 cheat 1 week ago , then since the detection i saw post saying we will get days refund. my problem is that i changed my hwid and want to test it but cant buy hwid reset because im not vip anymore. can u fix that?
  3. When you buy on Coinbase for example u can enter the BTC number you want instead of the $ . hope it will help you.
  4. Can u send screenshot of what you sayin about ?
  5. As it says : You need to be Trusted in order to have access to our private cheats. Also note that our private cheats are for completely different games that are offered in our store, instead our private cheats are for games which is impossible to get hacks for or very hard to get.