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  1. he was just using spoofer and that one is actually green - doesnt help when the loader is detected 😉
  2. ok thanks! i will try next time
  3. doesnt that require you to confirm that change via the russian email adress?
  4. Wow - shit that i didnt update email information with my 2nd cell phone in steam 😕 Will do that from now on and check back in some month if an account get banned if its unbanned - thats crazy
  5. Tomorow the 48h mark will be reached - last time it was UD it was set to testing again after 24h so i guess tomorrow the compensation will be given if there are no more Bans - looking forward 🙂
  6. since Rust is finally UD again can some Admin add my 20 days of compensation please?
  7. Back to Detected again 😛 oh well gotta wait now for my 20! days of compensation - my sub has ended.
  8. To be sure - it is possible to buy 2x1 Month and get 2-month Sub?
  9. Iamhere

    Rust LvL 2 Video

    cool video - what were your settings for those pvp moments?