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  1. Are you doing a full system wipe before attempting? Or just got onto a different account after changing your MAC address and IP address? Regardless of spoofing or not, it’s always recommended that you completely reimage your hardware whenever you are banned on top of doing the other things you are doing. To be perfectly frank, I think it would be a good idea to wait for the status to update or for an update directly from the HC staff as to the status before risking another account and wasting more money. If the status is anything besides “undetected” that means they are not 100% sure and will compensate you for the time of it is detected. Reimage your hardware, change your MAC address and IP address, and play legit on a new account for a little while until they give us an update.
  2. Hi all, The Rust update that released today (December 5th) brings some changes to exploits/features utilized by different injectable applications. As expected by developers, they were vague in their descriptions of what was fixed/changed. Below is a list of changes as mentioned in the developer blog along with my assumptions of correlation to features. As mentioned in the Developer Blog: 1. “Fixed Deployable Placement Exploit/Hack” 1a. I believe this could potentially be in reference to what hacks call either debug camera or admin mode. I’m unsure as I do not have access to test. I’m sure HC devs will elaborate. 2. “Fixed Several Sogn Exploits/Hacks” 2a. I currently am unsure of the impact of this change, it could be more in reference to exploiting cover in outpost to avoid being killed by scientists. Need more information. 3. “Fixed Several Weapon Exploits/Hacks” 3a. I have a feeling this could cover a broad range of changes. These could include ability to detect recoil scripts from many different forms for weapons, disabling the ability for no spread, and changing aimbot accuracy based on the weapon. With all these changes being mentioned, take my assumptions as a grain of salt and wait for HC developers to provide more detailed information as to what has actually been changed. This post is the bring to light Facepunch developers continually making it more difficult for scripting and avoiding detection while in game.
  3. Do you compensate for the time that the cheat is in “Investigating” status rather than “detected”?
  4. Apologies, I had a small episode of the Mandela effect- i disassociated that feature with one I used significantly prior. I'm not as familiar with "Instant Pickup" however. Is admin mode still a feature?
  5. Awesome, thanks for the information. Are the devs optimistic that they'll find a resolution in the near future?
  6. Hi all, I’ve been out of the game for awhile due to irl reasons, finally able to come back and play more Rust. It’s good to see you’re still going strong, I was curious what features from Lvl. 2 have been removed, is no longer safe to use, as well as general updates to features. Is the super gathering still a feature? Aimbot efficiencies? Unsafe features? i.e no spread, no recoil, aimbot smoothness? New features? Has it become harder, easier, or is it the same as far as reimaging when banned? Worth investing now? Or wait until more investigation is completed? Thanks for the time, it’s good to be back.