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  1. Capell


  2. I would recommend Private Internet Access, been using them for over 5 years with no problem. They keep no logs and meet their promise. The most popular atm is NordVPN I believe For just cheating in rust I don't think it matters that much tbh. Get one with as many IPs as possible so u can keep changing There's also ProtonVPN
  3. No, not once u are logged in on steam
  4. If you bought from Steamby, just save the email. Remove Steamguard once u get the account so it dont ask for steamguard confirmation.
  5. Dafuq this EAC so broken 8 of my previous banned accounts are now unbanned.... xDD
  6. I think upcoming means the games were about to be released? This thread/poll was made before the upcoming titles were released.
  7. We weren't told about version 1809 untill like 10th of february tho, we were always told to use 1803 😞
  8. don't forget you probably need HWID Reset aswell which cost $15
  9. it's detected atm, you can last a few hours up to 24 tho if u just want to rage and have fun
  10. Mar1k, but I tihnk Mar1k also gives support if HC doesn't work for you, BSOD, crashes etc. he will provide support best as he can, so I guess that's just good service or part of the extra fee, either way it's nice if you are not tech savy it's cheaper to setup coinbase base, I was completely lost and thought I couldn't figure it out.. but eventually I did ^^
  11. No, it's usually 100% if u use paypal xD