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  1. It worked once then just back to taking too long and giving me bluescreens
  2. I really liked their old loader back in like 2018 it was easy as heck
  3. I’ve been waiting for a while with nothing happening it’s been stuck there can’t touch my pc or anything because it will blue screen
  4. Nice video how did this take 9 hours in editing something’s not right here
  5. I'm pretty sure the hwid spoofer is automatic and not visual in the cheat command box also to avoid a pubg ban don't be blatant also if your a cheater you should know formatting doesn't change hwid
  6. I don't know what timezone y'all but tell me about your day or night.
  7. if you tried all the fixes I don't know what could be going wrong it's something on your side can you give me a run down on what happens when you try to use the cheat?
  8. how do you even have access to the cheat it doesn't show your a vip member Also what windows version are running?
  9. Thanks I love editing videos if you like my style feel free to send any videos my way.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Shur5DurXk&feature=youtu.be This took me 20 minutes. I took this footage of The1's thread and edited very badly with lots of unnecessary transition graphics. Hope you enjoy! There's a hypercheat graphic in there but I didn't extend it throughout the video.
  11. I'm very confused on what you're asking here I don't know if your asking for a lower price or not but the r6s level 1 for 7 days is currently going for 0.00198044 as I just checked if this did not help please give more info on your question.
  12. Thanks wish I could make more but I don't have any clips for it I really enjoy editing and want to really get into it. I'm using premiere pro at the moment and trying to learn how to sync kills and shots to the beat of the song that's playing. So If anyone wants a video to be edited I'll try my best to do it with the song you want playing for free.