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  1. Well, yeah, u eat ass 👌
  2. Please contact with our community and get HELP.
  3. Well, me and other people will not get any compensation, as I understand it. Thank you.
  4. What about days (sub time) compensation? P.S The question is asked in order that there were no similar, cuz i know, HC will make compensation.
  5. Nope [Detected/Outdated].
  6. DeathGener


    This is the merit of technology and not cheat=/
  7. DeathGener


    Good vid😃👍 But hack functional disappointed me (no stream / video record bypass, no bone selector and hack have not visibility check).
  8. This is not General Discussion or Pre-Sales Questions themes.
  9. I reset my sub 1 time when start using cheat and now, when this problem started (everyone have 3 resets). So, this is not reset problem=/
  10. I reswaped my HWID in the loader but nothing happeness=/ Loader just again is asking question "Reset your HWID?'
  11. I used my key 17 days [LVL 1 |R6S] but yesterday I changed the location of the RAM and now I can't use my cheat. I press OK button but loader just close and nothing happens. I contacted my re-seller but he's taking too long to answer.
  12. Nope. This problem in R6S too.
  13. You can use HWID spoof without cheat. Just press "No" button when loader asks you about cheat and press "OK" when loader asks you about HWID spoof. I used cheat once and don't know about HWID spoofer without cheat, buy cheat and test it.