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  1. DeathGener

    Streaming RUST

    Well, go to Magic servers. Let's see how you destroy it 🙂
  2. Thanks for the replies. The topic is closed.
  3. I didn't use other software, only HC. Played very legit. I know what is full legit gameplay. But maybe, this is just random bans...
  4. I played 3 months (2 months with lvl 1 and 1 month with lvl 2). But some of my friends and other cheaters get banned with HC.
  5. Hack for Rainbow Six Siege detected. 2 account's are banned today. 1 of my friends banned too. Someone banned too?
  6. Why you have "Visible Only" if this function not working?
  7. Please contact with our community and get HELP.
  8. Well, me and other people will not get any compensation, as I understand it. Thank you.
  9. What about days (sub time) compensation? P.S The question is asked in order that there were no similar, cuz i know, HC will make compensation.
  10. DeathGener


    This is the merit of technology and not cheat=/
  11. DeathGener


    Good vid😃👍 But hack functional disappointed me (no stream / video record bypass, no bone selector and hack have not visibility check).
  12. This is not General Discussion or Pre-Sales Questions themes.