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  1. I tried this method, it was as scam.
  2. If Hyper used a paste, it would not be undetected for 7+ months. Simple
  3. I personally use coinbase.com Works everytime for me
  4. You'd be surprised man, some people don't lol
  5. Elite Pvpers is a website where people sell their cheats and such.
  6. Try deleting all cookies and browser history and try again.
  7. Hey! Here is the link to buy rust cheats: https://hypercheats.gg/store/category/3-rust/ There are 2 versions so make sure you click on both of them to see which features you would like. Hyper does only take BTC so if you are not familiar with how to obtain it, here is a guide: https://hypercheats.gg/topic/680-how-to-buy-btc-how-to-buy-hc-cheatsguide/ Enjoy!
  8. R6 has been UD for 7+ months currently. The video will show you ESP, you can ignore all the shooting and everything. I personally use level 1 for the past 3 months and I am still safe! Would highly recommend it as it comes with a spoofer as well.
  9. In my experience whenever I've come across cheats for Fortnite, PUBG, and R6, it would usually cost anywhere from $150-$350 per month to get one of those cheats. Since you guys are selling it for only $50 a month, you can see where people might get a little skeptical. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you guys offer a quality product (meaning its not something getting detected every other week ) for a really good price.
  10. At first when I found out about hypercheats and saw the prices, i thought it was a little fishy. So i decided to try it and buy Rainbow six level 1 ( Don't need level 2 cause my aim is already good ), and to my surprise it worked out really well! All the cheats come with a spoofer so if you are already banned, you are good to go, and since everything is internal, there was no FPS loss. I personally started using hyper 4 months ago and I can say that hypercheats is legit. They have a very friendly staff who definitely help you out if you are having issues setting up the program or anything. I personally own a 6 month Sub to R6 and PUBG and I have not been banned on either accounts for the past 4 months. Keep up the good work hyper and if you're thinking about getting it, just get it. Cheaper and more efficient than other $100+ cheats.
  11. Hey, I saw that you sell PUBG with just esp and with aimbot and esp. Is the just esp version of the cheat safer than esp and aimbot? I’ve seen it in the past where cheats gets detected because of the aimbot so I was curious if your product was the same or different.