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  1. Acc has 2500 hours, only using lvl 1 esp, making sure to never get reported.
  2. That's strange, Ive been playing for weeks without a ban
  3. Bought an expressVPN pc/mac, but email containing product doesn't have username or password information?
  4. Yeah, few days out of an account sounds pretty right. That's what I got when I was cheating. Yeah cheap accounts, I'll have to find somewhere to get them for $5 usd. Currently paying $7 usd. GL
  5. Well I didn't touch Rust for 10 months after being hwid banned, got a new account the other day, no hacks. Got eac banned. I wish they dropped the bans! haha Can i play with the rust cheat HWID spoofer, hacks, and not worry about them detecting my banned hwid, since I'm using the spoofer? (my native hwid is banned, so it means hacks/spoofer 100% of the time right?)
  6. Added on discord. Looking for a rust account. Chairs
  7. Look for a currently active reseller, with good reputation, you should be able to buy it with debit card/paypal etc... Or my preffered method of bitcoin, works out a bit cheaper and it's faster. Just google cheap bitcoin buy/send wallet or along those lines. Quite simple.
  8. Ahhh great thanks everyone. Yeah great esp.... I noticed it's detected/in testing so I will wait. While your hear.... I bought a rust account off plati.ru before and tried playing for a day to get my mojo back before getting hacks and I got an EAC ban (without using hacks). If i'm correct, my natural HWID has been comprimised right? And my only option to play Rust now is with hacks, using the HWID spoofer yeah? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm a previous Rust (level 1) cheater, but I'm looking at getting level 2. From the features listed in the shop, I've found the only difference to be misc, and aimbot added. If i'm not mistaken level 2 used to have esp for items, and nodes too right? Or is this "distance checkbox" for everything like nodes and items etc... Thanks. (I'd get level 2 for the extra esp on nodes and items, not so much for the aimbot, prefer using my own aim).
  10. Yep. Try it when it's undetected fully, for just 1 week. or 1 month if you can spare the money. But you have to be extremely patient.