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  1. How transaction is done? I need pubg account , how much is it? Will i get logins that will work as long as i get banned or will i be able to change passwords?
  2. A long time now i am waiting for the hack to work on 1903... as 1809 is not an option for me.. ;/
  3. Good day, Has the cheat been patched to the newest Windows version? Or is it still running in 1809 only ?
  4. Well my latest version was 1803 and it updated it 1903 so i have no option to go down. Only way is clean install however i don't want to do it. I will be checking and waiting till cheat will start working with the Newest Win version. Thank you guys.
  5. Will you consider updating to the newest version? As it is a bit annoying that cheat works only on the older windows version.
  7. Yeah i saw this but it is not the 1809 version but a newer one 1903 , as i understood i need 1809 and there is no such version for doanload. Or i will be able to downgrade to the 1809 version from this new one?
  8. It sayis i am on 1803 but if i want to update it only has 1903.. This is mad ;/ We need a Fix ASAP. 🙂
  9. Can you write how to do that? I got the same problem with PUBG lvl 1. Thanks.
  10. just wrote a pm on discord. Will be intrested to see your price mate. I am ready to buy.
  11. Hello, What discount are you offering? I want to buy lvl 1 or lvl 2 pubg. Got only about 18usd in btc would need to check.. And i missed the xmas sale.. LOL