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  1. I have been getting alot of emails lately of people using my Referral link and was curious... How many do you guys have? Hello JZX,someone on hypercheats used you as referrer.More details you can find on board in Referrals Section in UCP.Have a nice day,hypercheats - administration team Registered Usernames below: (Newest to oldest) secedadov sano67 Zaphie hotar17 THERAPTOR PashaM73 rockyxtop SomeGregDude itzfrozty xes TMGhost Iceweve aiks freedomt9 erickim4040 comunismonaofunciona buter ForskerfiltarN + 132 Guests that visited my referral link
  2. JZX


    So recently I have a squad of guys we are grinding our way out of LE / LEM and recently I just got Supreme. Im pretty happy about this because I actually got it all done being LEGIT. No cheats or ESP believe it or not. 2300 hours later only time I ever got Supreme rank. Feelsgoodman Completely unrelated to Hypercheats. Post your highest rank you got in CS:GO without the use of 3rd party software.
  3. Video is live now, 360p unfortunately. Havent made videos for over 2 years forget a few things.
  4. Reuploaded will be alive in about 15 minutes...
  5. Exactly what I was going for, During the video I use the features to help me find hidden stashes, Airdrop locations in the middle of the night, where people are, using all time daytime so I can see where I am going, ect. Doesn't just show a hyped up video. It shows it from a true users perspective.
  6. 2 Hours straight of me starting from nothing building up to 20+ guns. Highlight points are in the description of the Youtube video if you dont want to watch the boring stuff. Let me know what you want to see next time.. 2 Hour long video highlights below. Come back if video is not ready yet. **HIGHLIGHTS** 2:40 4:20 12:40 28:55 34:55 1:06:30 1:11:45 1:18:00 1:24:15 1:26:50 1:27:45 1:39:35 1:43:00 1:45:30 1:53:00 1:57:30 2:04:10
  7. I have found a reliable website, It is in Russian so you will have to translate it but I am getting accounts from them for 7$ CAD http://steamby.ru/rust Use code: 19C170D8A42E4CF0 for 5% off aswell. I DO NOT OWN THIS WEBSITE OR HAVE ANY AFFILIATION WITH IT
  8. JZX

    Rust Level 2 - Arena PVP

    I dont think its too obvious, I see many people who are legit and look like what I was doing.
  9. JZX

    Rust Level 2 - Arena PVP

    I thought it is like aimwares smoothing. The lower it is the faster it snaps. I'm getting more video this afternoon of it in vanilla servers.
  10. Sorry about quality / borders, Got a new monitor and just reinstalled OBS cause it was messing up. Will have it fixed for next video I plan on making around a normal Vanilla type server. Video is being uploaded.. If link doesn't work come back in a few minutes it is still uploading. 40 Raw & Uncut footage of me using Hypercheats Aimbot + Esp in an arena server vs. some random guy.
  11. Uploading video right now, Should be done soon... 39 Minutes of me in an arena server 1v1 vs some random guy, displaying a large majority of the guns / bows... Will post in media section when its ready.
  12. 2 Smoothing, Cant use 1 cause the aimbot goes fucking wild and makes me aim like im on crack or some shit. Oh well worth a shot on keypad idea
  13. Since I cant edit orignial post for some reason... Day 2: Logged into a game ban, Bought a 7$ account and went out had some fun, Aimbot still needs work.. Needs a "rage" bot mode this aimbot misses people from 5 feet away while the guy strafing with a crossbow... Pretty embarrassing lost AK to a crossbow. Feelsbadman, Left server going to get off for tonight. EDIT: Cheat crashed after I left game, Although it dont affect me now because im getting off.. Just wanted to report that. (Going to try start recording gameplay) If possible make it so you can see peoples keypad codes that would be pretty darn sweet. Admin mode helped me raid one guy got instant access to TC. - Day 2 END Day 3 to come...
  14. Testing on a new account, Going to be testing and let you all know what happens... Ill try log everything I do to find the problem...
  15. So we are the guinea pigs basically...