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  1. I'm recording with Nvidia Geforce Experience, saddly some time the record are kinda glitchy i lost about 20Go of clip during this week
  2. Played with this for 60 hours. | STILL NOT BANNED after RAGECHEATING on RUSTAFIED EU ODD / Cosa Nostra and some French Server ! My impressions : 9/10 Aimbot: 8/10 - Working fine with every weapons, but need to improve with the bow ESP: 10/10 = Perfect , You can display whatever you want ! Misc Settings: 10/10 = Every features are AMAZING and USEFULL ( No fall damage,Always day, spiderman,and instant heal saved my ass more than one time ! ) I will love to see new features ! Performance: 7/10 = When i use the cheat i lost about 30-40 fps
  3. Hey heyyyyy, https://youtu.be/JiYd-2NNCC0
  4. Can i get one example of the future features ?
  5. Does Rust gonna have future Features ? Like instant compound bow ?
  6. Zuck

    Arma 3 Cheat Video

    On a altis life server [FR] Altis Life |Baylife
  7. Zuck

    Arma 3 Cheat Video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PpfOHFrZoc&feature=youtu.be I'm back guys, hope you enjoy
  8. Hey i have a suggestion for the arma 3 cheat : Add House Crate at the ESP section
  9. Hey, does the arma 3 cheat bypass infistar ?
  10. Zuck

    Rust LvL 2 Video

    Got massively reported,i had to remove my video otherwise my youtube channel will be probably suspended