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  1. I'm not familiar with cloud gaming PCs, although I can confirm that you do need an intel CPU and if these cloud thingies dont offer that then it won't work, in the past the majority of the cloud gaming we've had to deal with did not have intel cpu thus resulting in us generalizing this to most cloud gaming. Your best bet, before going anywhere, is to try it out before you go on vacation and if it works then good on you, if not you'll have to look for something else 🙂
  2. be stopping for now
  3. ?? chong da wei na kuru?
  4. u dont even have an active sub, fact that u care abt ur acc is pure bs and if it gets recalled u can just dispute on PA n get ur money back gl with ur acc buddy but any non autistic retard can buy a €10 acc and boost it to gm by spamming brig in goats lololol
  5. price sucks dick go on playerauctions and buy an ow account there n ur guaranteed to not hve ur acc recalled
  6. http://prntscr.com/mkr8b2
  7. ppl getting 25 picks a game while blatantly wallhacking and ragehacking / tracking people through houses and shit and then wondering why they got banned. seems kinda obvious to me that apex is gonna manual ban based on evidence (killcams). getting manual banned doesn't mean the cheat is detected. pretty sure that if you learn how to closet cheat and don't play like an absolute moron your chances of staying unbanned for a long time are very high
  8. sharpshooter is fucking dogshit garbage, don't even mention that shit here
  9. why have i not received my vip yet? am i getting scammed?