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  1. SETUP + EASE OF USE [9.5/10] +Super EASY setup if you follow instructions from the setup thread carefully +Very SIMPLE in-game hack menu +Truly UNDETECTED (ZERO bans since 26 Oct 2018) +Price is CHEAP considering its undetected for so long and for its quality! +Payment is INSTANT via the new bitcoin lightning network, no more waiting time required! +No crashes -Setup & troubleshooting MAY be a LITTLE harsh on less geeky people & first time users ESP [10/10] +Clean & Clear ESP, does not clutter or block my screen +Smooth FPS, does not suffer from FPS loss using the hack +Distance ESP included to help you determine how far the enemy is from you +ESP size changes based on distance for easy gauging Verdict Overall i give the cheat a whooping 10/10 for the best top-notch R6S hack i have ever used and will recommend ANYONE who wants to give Hypercheats a go. P.S: Did not use the level 2 version before because i don't need an aimbot, the ESP alone is more than enough for me to be able to carry any ranked games to Diamond / High Plat.
  2. SETUP + EASE OF USE [9/10] +Setup is fairly easy if you follow instructions carefully +Easy to understand instructions if you are a geek +Simple in-game hack menu +No bans as of now (Windows 10 1809) +Price is reasonable considering the anti-cheat is EAC -Only have a few crashes every few hours (2-4 crashes in 15hours of gameplay) -Setup MAY be a LITTLE harsh on less geeky people 😖 ESP [10/10] +Clean & Clear ESP, does not clutter or block my screen +ESP size changes based on distance +Distance ESP + Opacity based on distance: one of the best options so you don't have to concentrate on enemies who are far away +Smooth FPS -No item ESP (I don't think this is needed anyway) Besides a few crashes here and there (which will be fixed, i hope😋), i have a very good experience with Hypercheats overall, before Apex, i have been using it for Rainbow6Siege and i give that a 10/10 as well with no crashes and whatsoever on Windows 10 1803. Would recommend Hypercheats to anyone would wants a good anti-BE or anti-EAC hacks anytime. Finally, thank you to all staff & programmer & support team of Hypercheats for making my gaming experience more fun in every way possible, HACK ON!
  3. How long has R6 been undetected?