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  1. Not that I'm getting sucked into this or anything but do you know of any for Battleye? I do have my OG R6 account was banned before I even began cheating. It's basically what made me cheat.
  2. To be fair, level 2 in store page has target lock, target select and aim selection (head, chest, etc) when they don't actually exist in the cheat so both the store and the menu are currently misleading
  3. It's not really an instant ban if it's after days, you know that right? And if you got banned, you were either being blatant or caught a bad cracked account.
  4. R6 hack hasn't been detected in 7+ months. Game is pretty decent about banning people that show they're hacking pretty obviously.
  5. This is a long shot, but do you click on the blank area of the launcher when you launch it? Sometimes after opening, I click it too soon and instead of showing the hc logo and the login portal it is just a blank cmd and the closes.
  6. Bitcoin transactions always require confirmations, believe hc takes 3. The smaller the transaction and block, the longer it'll take to confirm. You can usually alter the fees a bit to speed it up.
  7. ...what? You don't have VIP. And the cheat doesn't require you to enter a key...
  8. You already have VIP. I might suggest a little patience next time before making a post about that. It can take up to 12-24 hours
  9. I'd like to second this. A squad hack would be cool, too.
  10. I've used R6 cheat for roughly 50 days and there's been no detection, so there's that.