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  1. This reseller can help you.
  2. You need to contact the RESELLER that you purchased your product from for an update.
  3. +rep , super nice guy -- send him a message and he can add you on discord if you have issues with it . hes nearly always online.
  4. If you've truly done everything listed above & with no result I'd suggest uninstalling steam & rust - running a cleaning program of sorts to wipe out any remaining files left over, then releasing your ip address, renewing your ipconfig then downloading steam / rust and trying again. although i would like to mention 99% of issues regarding reoccurring playerbans on servers is due to a IP Ban and nothing else. so i would really make sure you are truly releasing your ip for a fresh one.
  5. Thats Literally Never the Case @zoK1 - Although I appreciate the replies lets try and keep them down the KNOWN AND USER PROVEN INFO ONLY (aka if you dont have a active rust sub and you arent actively testing, please shhh) 😄 Thank you @The1 for the up to date and relevant replies. Very much appreciated. -Brave
  6. Do you have an account that has lasted over 24h yet @The1 ? Cheers for the replies boys. -Brave
  7. Can someone with an active sub confirm how long a rust account is currently lasting? Thanks -Brave