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  1. Yea i realized that after i wrote the post haha.
  2. Because the spoofer doesn't stop you from being banned. If the cheat is testing it most likely detected lel. Maybe wait till the cheat is green.
  3. Guys i found a guy who is selling fake hyper cheats or something. He is selling them for half the price as normal. Do not fall for this stuff, I just wanted to make him public so yea. His discord is Pakiz#7960.
  4. If i use the HWID spoofer can i be HWID banned? I am not HWID banned right now, and would prefer to keep it that way.
  5. I want to buy the rust hacks, anybody getting banned or are they holding up?
  6. They are being tested but if i buy them can i use them?
  7. How do I make a website like this. I have a clan website thing I wanted with this kind of layout with forums, live chat and junk. Thanks in advance 🙂