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  1. 1week damm !!!! last time i was able to use it for 2 days with ESP only prob got unlucky and got detected but thanks for taking the time to respond !
  2. Hi ! ive been using HC for a few times 6months ago (rust and rainbow) but unfortunately needed to go because of work. now that im back, i see that HC improved a lot !! and I wanted to say first a big thank you to all ppl that ive been working for HC and doing all those efforts to make this site running still ! I really hope it last for ever ahaha. now for the question! 1. I know that rust cheats are undetected at the moment but I want to know how many days it take to get banned if you rage in a server ? 2. is spoofer working 100% to be able to play legit once you get banned a few times? 3. and finally any ideas if HC will do a sale on christmas or new year ? Thank you for everyone that take the time to respond ! and have a nice day
  3. Hi ! im currently selling Rust and rs6 accounts for ppl that cant pay via BTC ! for more information pm me -these accounts are not CRACKED u will have it for ever ! Rust fresh account: 12usd Rainbow 6 Siege: 11usd Keep in mind that BTC will always be the best method if u want to save money ... if you dont know any site Steamby.ru sell fresh accounts of rust for 8usd and rs6 for 4usd but no paypal available. on that have a great day!