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  1. Write in this topic as will be fixed. Pls.
  2. no wh, but the menu on the button appears. show friendly doesn't help. cheat does not highlight opponents
  3. FizZ Most likely does not help, reinstalling Windows did not help
  4. FizZ Resseler himself does not know what's on my computer, he tried to help solve. Everyone has been useless.
  5. Mexican Hyper-V disable - error 2 loader..
  6. If you move the loader, the cursor hangs, and the second cursor appears, such a feeling of a problem with virtualization shooting a video, the second cursor is not visible although it is on the screen
  7. Help please, I launch the loader and the error pops out error 2All that I did below will list__________________________________________Reinstalling Windows (Windows 10 Pro 1803)Virtualization Enabledvt-d offsecurity boot off Видео 04-12-2018 105318.mp4 Hyper-vision onAntivirus is disabledeverything is ok in biosProblem started after loader updateBefore the update everything was okIf I put on build 1709, an error 1 pops up1809 build also has error 2And yet, the loader, if you start dragging it with a mouse, it freezes for seconds 3And the mouse is not clickable in the loader, clicking on empty lines nothing happens as if it is frozen