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  1. It's just safer to put it store the loader and inject it from the USB.
  2. why not? if it's a technical issue make a support ticket on: https://hypercheats.gg/support
  3. This is the new discord: https://discord.gg/EJHNAcT
  4. I am using the R6 cheat in here for more than an year and i'm not banned yet. Its safe to use.
  5. @Cheating-ArtistNo, not really. But a spoofer can be detected just like a cheat sometimes, but it rarely happens.
  6. HWID Spoofer is a program that spoofs your HWID so let's say if you got banned in R6S (BattlEye AC) you could be safe from HWID bans as it's replacing your HWID with a random one planted with the program, same as Rust (has a different anti-cheat, named EAC) - so you activate the spoofer at all times even if you haven't been previously HWID banned or banned, to protect your HWID at all times
  7. Oh yeah, my mistake Go to your userdata folder in Steam and delete it, play with a VPN and if you really want you can also re-install rust just incase.
  8. This is because of the Speedhack feature, don't use it a lot as it's unsafe to use.
  9. Max range is 0 and fov circle is on