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  1. There's no Fortnite cheats at private cheats, and there will never be fortnite cheats at Hypercheats. It's staff decision.
  2. Heya, looking to buy a Rainbow Six Siege account that is level 30 or more! Will pay with BTC, PM me if interested!
  3. Hey, rust is working at the moment as far as I know, there's been a few bans lately in Rust so you should be aware of that you could still get banned depends on how you use the cheat. It will work on your windows version.
  4. The devs have stopped supporting fortnite for private reasons, it won't come back. It's also not in private cheats or in any place at Hypercheats.
  5. Hey david, It will most likely take a few hours for the cheat to be updated after a wipe.
  6. Hi, the developers didn't update it yet, please wait for an update before you purchase.
  7. I guess you can open a support ticket in regards to it, since the cheat doesn't work at all at the moment so you will probably get compensated.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNLEKQTb6DM
  9. No, it doesn't work on "Virtual Machines" and doesn't work on Cloud Gaming desktops. It only works on a real actual PC with an Intel Processor.
  10. Well, you should never cheat on your main. Always buy an alt or something if you decide to play with the cheats. There's always a risk getting banned.
  11. Hey, it could happen sometimes because it takes too long to join a server. Additionally if you have an anti virus installed (like Avast, Kaspersky) uninstall them. If you are a key user contact your reseller.
  12. I recently used the DayZ cheat with Spoofer Enabled, 2-3 days passed and not banned yet. But yes, its still investigating so it's your choice if to put Spoofer on or off.
  13. If you bought from a reseller, they take up to 24 hours. If you bought via bitcoin, the purchase is done automatically as soon as it reaches the amount of confirmation needed (usually 3), so you will need to wait a few hours/minutes, it all depends on the amount of BTC you sent and the fees
  14. It's just safer to put it store the loader and inject it from the USB.