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  1. Shit is public anyway and 15 bucks at that. Don't think you are in the right mind if you buying this and thinking you won't get banned after a week at most.
  2. Sure that was a bit of an exaggeration but it gets detected almost every week lul, I don't think I've seen it go 2 weeks straight without going detected, I'm not blaming the devs or anything since rust is a pain for cheats but this site is also has a lot of bad rep so who knows. You do also know you don't need an account to browse a website right? My account being 3 weeks old literally means I pressed the create account button on that date and nothing else lmao.
  3. Yes, you're right that being public doesn't generally mean it gets detected often. But for rust at this very moment, it very much does mean that. I've played legit for 3 months straight with aimbot and esp without getting a ban once(that was in spring tho), I've never been actually manual banned because I know how to play the game and actually decently aim without an aimbot. Manual bans generally get placed on noobies who haven't played the game before and don't know how blatant they look. I don't know what "private" cheats you've used but I can't say the same with my experience, kinda looks like you got scammed by thinking it was exclusive lol.
  4. Its public so what would you expect, gets detected like every week lol. Manual bans won't happen if you know how to play legit.