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  1. Personally i don't recommend buying right now, The admins have all vanished and the support staff came out and said the devs ditched hyper and only work on their other brand ring one now. I believe all cheats here are outdated or detected, as stated by the support staff before the admins hopped online and banned the support staff and removed their messages to hide the fact that this site is just sitting here to get bitcoin from people.
  2. Admins have been inactive for a long time, and a week ago staff came out saying nothing is working then admins banned the staff who said that a week later... so i don't think anything is up rn.
  3. only windows 10... Also why tf u still on windows 7 XD
  4. personally i cant get the spoofer to work so for me i can only last 30mins per account.... still waiting on admins to help.
  5. last June / July i brought the pubg cheat after using it previously (November 2018) with no issues. but when i got it in June / July (2019), it would bsod me half the time when i opened the game or if i got it loaded i would freeze in game or the esp would just freeze in place and i would need to restart the game (Note i was not the only one with the issues a lot of people in the discord at the time had the same issues). Which was a shame, due to the cheat being really good the previous time i used it. I am wondering if the cheat has had any improvements since then (addressing the bsod issues, and esp freezing issues), because i am willing to give the cheat another go. (also it would be nice if they have fixed the visibility check checking the visibility of the body instead of the head), which makes it impossible to use visibility check well. If these issues are fixed by now i might buy the pubg cheat again and give it a final chance.
  6. Just wondering if there would be a Christmas sale like last year? because i'm looking to give the pubg cheat a try again but last time i tried it i had loads of issues, and i hope they have been fixed by now and i don't want to pay the full price to give it a go again in case its still bugging af on my pc (also reset my pc since).