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  1. SoulEater735


    So if i hit the clear tracking thing at the top of the cheat menu loader do i have to do anything else to play on a new acc legit
  2. I am selling this acc that has a r6 lvl 1 active for another 7 days and 8 hyper coins on it for 20 dollars. Accept steam Giftcards and PayPal non refundable once purchased pm me on website if interested or Bucket of PopPorn#4141
  3. So would it be worth it getting lvl 1 right now
  4. If i use level 1 for r6 and play super legit do you guys think i would get banned?
  5. So i bought rust lvl 2 yesterday and for the first hour everything went smoothly no lag or freezing at all. I turned off the cheat and shut down my pc to go eat dinner. I return start it up again join a server and start to get these little lag moments. I was ok with them as they were only 1-2 seconds but as i went on they turned in 10-20 seconds and happened very often. I tried restarting my computer joining different servers and turning my graphics to super potato mode but nothing worked. I want to know if there is anything i can do to stop these lag spikes?
  6. Is debug can only thing you can do with admin mode
  7. I was wondering if the cheats would go on sale sometime during the holidays. I say this because the rust chest is very expensive and there is barely any features in the lvl 1. So if there is a sale it would be easier to afford lvl 2. If there is a discount when would it be?