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  1. Also only hd id can be changed (spoofed), i guess because of that eac bans another pc part serials, that cant be ever changed by soft. Tell me pls if im not right
  2. I did a simple pc clean with register and rust/steam reinstalls after being first time banned without using any spoofer and my new acc still alive for 3 days. Its too long if they really wanted to hwid ban me. As i read hwid happens when eac finds out several accs cheating after first ban. spoofing works only for some time before your next acc will be banned on spoofed hwid, sometimes it happens instantly because of spoofer being outdated And full reinstall dancing process after that is not pleasant proc, then buying new acc.
  3. I just want to post about being banned by eac yesterday. Thanks to god it wasnt hwid, because spoofing doesnt work mostly. Its not written at this cheat site, but i found some correct info about eac is similar to fairfight in BF, cuz it controls and analize user movents, like where you target. And if you always come to sulfur with the shortest way its probably eac ban. So there are uber risks using cheats in rust, that dont cost losing opportunity to play rust ever. eac and facepunch are great so.