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  1. since the hack was down for like 4 days thought u guys said we will get exra days but today my vip went out?
  2. its been 6 hours was seeing how much long it might take for me to get my vip
  3. ya idk whats taking so long its been 2 hours now
  4. its been 1 hour so I hope I get it soon
  5. im just waiting on my vip wondering how long it should take
  6. damn idk the how to buy said to buy with cash app
  7. I bought bitcoin on cash app and idk how to send money to send the money I entered the address to send it to but it didn't work do I send it to the email?
  8. I bought the hack and im just waiting on vip how long does this take to get it?
  9. im buying the level 1 r6 hack for a month and was seeing if I play where it looks legit will I get banned
  10. I want to get the level 1 r6 hack for a month and I don't have bitcoin and was seeing how to get the hack and see how long it would take or what the fastest way was