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  1. damn im a fucking clairvoyant.
  2. rust now undetected again for 1 day? :DDDD
  3. and then it will be detected it 3 days max 🙂 remember my words 🙂
  4. idk why i cant edit again post above but -> most rust customers are for sure hwid banned and now they're not able to use it anymore because they dont have a working hwid spoofer. And well they're spending much money and not even getting any compensation. But everyone must know what he/she does.
  5. in most cases you cant anymore. You need to try on your own. -> dont use your main 🙂
  6. and the spoofer wasnt detected hmm 😄 it still is u mean 😄
  7. well hwid spoofer was yesterday detected -> rust bans so in my opinion rust is maybe safe now for 1 day