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  1. Go to the homepage, there it shows the status of the cheat in terms of availability. "online/down/maintenance"
  2. Thanks for the honestly and quick reply. Speaks volume about the website & staff here.
  3. being public doesn't mean it has to get detected every week. You have literally countless examples @ this website, other P2C websites, and other similar sites. And yes said examples are on "good anticheats" BE/EAC so that statement is just plain wrong. Even though EAC on rust can't be compared to any other game using EAC - and the annoying dev's have a part in this. And manual bans will happen even if you know how to play legit in rust, from my experience. Unless by legit you mean ESP only, that would be amazing really because you're implying it takes skill to "play legit" with ESP. otherwise every UD cheat using rust with ESP only would be 100% UD. Manual bans happen so much in rust, you basically can't compare it to any other game. And while i'm pretty sure there are left overs from cheating that require a manual review (using ESP only even) that are noticed when a manual check is done to you. Honestly, more often than not, detected or not, using aimbot on rust in any respectable server is just you waiting to be manual banned. And i used private cheats (actual private cheats, not the give me $2000 ~+ and you'll get a slot instantly) that still get fucked on rust while being safe everywhere else, even with big anti-cheats/games. Manuals are just cancer there, can't be compared to any other game. I'm not saying there's no one that has something working, it's more than possible. Hell, it could even be some guy with his own cheat for his own enjoyment and not selling it. But i personally don't know anyone that does, lately. Private or public.
  4. Hello, two questions; 1 - when was the most recent rust detection? and how are the manual bans with cheat customers? in un-off servers. (Popular ones) Haven't cheated in rust for a long time, but i still remember the devs being a pain up the ass and EAC being extremely good/annoying compared to other games that have it. 2 - And the manual bans were crazy. Still are? if they are, I'll still purchase another cheat - don't want to bother with rust if i can't last for a few weeks at least.