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  1. Renting this account. It still has pubg level 1 for about 3 days. just login in the loader and load the cheat. price = 5 usd (negotiable) Payment method = BTC Only
  2. I got a ban from the pubg level 1 cheat. that's why I contacted support to pause the subscription and I had a genuine reason (if you read the screenshot I provided) at the very least, they could have responded that they don't pause subscription anymore. then I could have done something about it. I purchased the 1-week subscription and I only used 3 days
  3. I started a support request on 7th January for pausing my subscription for a genuine reason and i just got ignored. I paid for the subscription, least the mods could have done is replied with a simple 'no'. This is very unsatisfactory. i have attached a screenshot of the support request. please do something about this.