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  1. Ok so as it says in the title this going to be a short and sweet review.(not trying to type an entire essay about a cheat) Let start off with the aimbot. i would have to say it’s. 8/10 as the aimbot is missing some feature like no aiming a downed peeps and bone aim is missing but that’s all everything else about it is spot on. It will allow for those easy squad wipes from far and long ranges with its sniper prediction. Next esp 9/10 The esp over all is very very nice and clean but it sometimes bugs out and makes the boxes of one but super long but usually goes away and that the item esp is kinda there but currently got removed but hopefully being added back. Hmm I guess misc features 10/10 Not much to say other then they are pretty nice to have for example no spread can’t play without it and stream proof if you really wana flex on some kids lastly and the most important price 7/10 As I bought through a paypal reseller my price was jacked up a bit but it’s kinda expensive but reasonable as many other cheats sell for way cheaper but HC is the best stability and features wise for me.
  2. oh yes very nice. but any ways how do i reverse this
  3. hmmm ok yea prob should have said i bought it from a reseller not on this website
  4. what setup guide all I did was download this loader and run it
  5. would still like to know thanks im leaving reformating as last resort
  6. I have the rust cheat but whenever I want to use my other r6 cheat it interferes with it. So I was wondering how to undo any changes it has made to my pc.