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  1. so im currently on a subscription through a reseller. i am buying my next subscription through bitcoin but would like to buy in on this offer. i cant add the xmas discount code to my current subscription ( im assuming because its a reseller subscription ) and if i add a new rust level 2 subscription its telling me my subscription would be valid through january 24 ( not counting my current subscription time ). is there a way i can add my time from this offer to my current subscription?
  2. as i have several people messaging me asking how things are going, heres an update: second account is still going strong with 200 hours. Here are my settings: Player Esp: OFF. i would turn this on if it had an option where esp was only active when player is visible, or even better only when player makes sound Item Esp: only turn on what you are looking for and dont beeline between items unless you can see them. personally, i turn it on to get the general direction i want to go then turn it off and find what im looking for visually. some hotkeys would be helpful here. Misc: crosshair is the only thing i use in this menu. EAC in my experience gets rowdy when you mess with bullet trajectory Radar: ON. again, dont beeline to or away from players unless you can see/hear them. i wish there was a distance slider for the radar, but for now its @100 yards Aimbot: ON. Visible Only. Sticky Aim. FOV: 99. Smooth: 7. This only works because i have a macro on my mouse that corrects my aim before firing. i wish HC had this built in, hell i dont know why more cheat providers dont add this in. Heres how it works: Macro on left mouse button: press aimbot key for X ms ( mine is 25ms ) then press the left mouse button ( to fire ) and immediately release aimbot key and lmb. What this does is correct my aim slightly before firing and then immediately releases the aimbot key. ive used this method of aimbotting for 15 years, even on lan with hundreds of people watching, and never called out. Tips: biggest one, LOSE FROM TIME TO TIME! Get close enough to people to hear them before acting/reacting. Let other people react first. Trust me, even if someone starts firing first from behind you, the aimbot will mow them down. Get on an aim server that shows headshots/accuracy and learn how to keep them under 30% There you go. 200+ hours of easy looting/building. Dont be dumb with EAC, it dont play nice.
  3. tldr: cheat works great. ive had no crashes, no performance issues. there are a few things that need tweaking and a couple features are missing, but on the whole its working well. a little about me: im old. been a gamer since gaming on a pc was a thing. my fingers and reaction times arent what they used to be, so i get a little help from platforms like hc to keep things fun. this is my first rust platform, but ive cheated my way through a wide variety of games over the years so im no fng. my aim is still pretty good, so i set things up 'legit' style, with a small fov and no esp. i still enjoy using game knowledge and situational awareness to win rounds. i bought rust level 2 several days before writing this post, and within the first hour my first account was banned. i have no idea why. during that hour, i didnt really play rust. i joined a sandbox to have a look at the menu, and joined an aim training server to see how things operated. i have 2k hours+ legit rust gameplay, and i know how to skirt EAC from other EAC games i cheat in. i made sure while on the aim server not to exceed my normal accuracy or headshot count. it had to be a fluke, or maybe i had a rust client that wasnt closed completely when i started hc for the first time. i followed the startup guide, and when it asked if i wanted to load the hwid spoofer, i cancelled as per instructions. heres where things get odd. i played that first hour, left the game at the menu screen and ate supper. returned to the keyboard 30 minutes or so later and upon trying to join a server, received the gameban notice. i came back to the forums and started digging into recent posts, and found where it was suggested that NOT loading the hwid spoofer was the reason for the ban. ok, fair enough. i had another account on standby just for the occasion. i loaded my 2nd account, fresh no hours, and played legit for 3 hours. no problems. ok, not hwid banned. gave hc another go. loaded everything as per the startup guide again, this time i loaded the hwid spoofer when it asked. played for 22 hours with the hwid spoofer active, no gameban. all the while im reading ban reports on the forum where people are being told its the hwid spoofer that is getting them banned. after about hour 25, i decided to try again without the hwid spoofer loaded. as of writing this post, i have 31 hours in rust and things are smooth as butter, still on the 2nd account. aimbot prediction is damn good. people complaining about the aimbot missing with bows dont understand the game. i can absolutely destroy faces with bows and what ive been having most fun with. i dont know if its just me, but i cant switch the aimpoint for the aimbot. its always smashing faces, no matter what bone i select in the dropdown ( head, neck or chest ) nor what key the aimbot is bound to. my aim is pretty good anyway, i just now toggle it on to secure a kill. esp is what you'd expect. there are a few flaws here and there, like trashpile nameplates not turning off when toggled, missing christmas items, no difference between how NPC's look vs players, and a lack of distance slider for items/spawns, but these are petty complaints and you get used to it quickly. all in all, even with the huge pricetag i see myself being a long time customer.