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  1. Sorry, I was locked out of my HC guys, Google auth error @Drogo
  2. Be a bro and follow me on soundcloud to be entered https://soundcloud.com/always63 Ill be giving away a few accounts, Your choice ( Rust , R6 , Pubg , ) Comment if you followed and include you soundcloud link Live a like on the thread too if you want Ending Monday the 3rd
  3. I want to buy can you pm me?
  4. Im just a lazy person. I will select winners today though because It has come to my attention that many are calling it "fake"
  5. Hey, so Ill just be posting the account info here and its first come first server. On this message leave a like reaction for a rust account and a Thanks reaction for anything else,
  6. Will be posting accounts on this thread soon, just need to acquire them 😄
  7. Giveaway ending tonight you can enter before 12am