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  1. yea the hack isn't detected in itself but I have burned through 3 accounts so far and all of them ended up getting banned around the same time of lvl 110~120 ish. So I was wondering if any of the devs would be kind enough to drop some wisdom.
  2. yea you got any advice ?
  3. R6 does not take random screen shots....
  4. Got banned today on R6. I keep on getting banned after the account reaches lvl 120 ish, played as legit as possible and never used misc features. Any advice from anyone?
  5. Hello Folks Wanted to ask if R6 lvl 2 aimbot's feature of "aim visible only" was working for any of you lads. Thanks!
  6. Lmao. When only mission in life is to shit on kids in pubg.
  7. How do I get it? I added you in discord btw
  8. Idk I managed to keep the game running for a while with a youtube vid running in the backround.
  9. yea there is definitely a stability issue. keeps crashing within the first round. actually unplayable.