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  1. Yeah, agreed. A think a lot of people believe that BE is a great anti-cheat and the only hackers are <insert popular YouTube cheater>. I've noticed it too, but then you get games when it's legit HvH - mostly in NA, though.
  2. My last account lasted two weeks with full rage hacking, played King George, Team Vitality, a few smaller teams and didn't get the hammer until after a few days but it's all luck and chance. Cheat as long as you can but don't expect higher-tier players to buy your BS about being lucky. Even ESP is super easy to notice.
  3. Typically my luck! I make a post and get it 5 seconds after xD Thanks for the quick response, though!
  4. Ah, okay. Thanks. I'm always very nervous when dealing with BTC as a wrong digit here or there can mean you just wasted $40. ❤️
  5. Hey, my payment has been confirmed (2/2) but I haven't received my VIP tag.
  6. It just went back up according to the website.
  7. Ah well, that sucks 😞 The one day I feel like cheating xD
  8. Is it worth buying today, though or just holding off? The last time I did a bitcoin confirmation it took like an hour so I'd like to get it done with ASAP 😉
  9. I'm also interested, but I'm sure given the complexity of cheating that there is no real known ETA. Or, I'm totally wrong :x
  10. Ah, okay, thanks. I assume it'll be a few days before it's fixed so I'll hold off until it's back to online.
  11. Hey, I used this cheat around when my account was made before and enjoyed it but the price for 7 days was just insane - glad to see it's more reasonable now. I was going to purchase again but I see the cheat is down for maintenance and online under the 'Status'. I'm just a little confused on which is correct and if I were to purchase now and it be down would I get my time returned once it's online?