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  1. Thanks guys for the responses appreciate it 😀
  2. So I basically got banned January this year from rust and I believe it to be a hwid ban. I've since packed up my computer as I'm doing Y12 and don't want the distraction I intend on playing rust around December of this year and my question is do you think I will still be HWID banned by then, or will EAC have taken my information off of their blacklist? Thanks 😀
  3. Wait are you serious?! I've never heard of such a thing please tell me more my account with like 4k hours and $100 worth of skins was false banned and EAC just tell me that I cheated even tho I didnt
  4. I'm sorry I know this cheat is public and everything, but the price is insane. $100USD for a week?? Similar cheats I won't mention do a month for $40USD I'm not sure how many customers you guys have, but I know alot of people are very put off buying the cheat simply because of the price and you guys may get more customers by lowering the price