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  1. As far as I know, it's on the "to-do" list. And it has been suggested countless times. But at the current point of time, there is no stream proof option. What you could do is upvote one of the already made suggestions about stream-proof for Rust. Best regards, RouterRage
  2. Honestly, a league cheat for CSGO only available for trusted users would be awesome.
  3. Goodbye and good luck in the future. I remember you from when I used to moderate the forum a lot more frequently. I hope you decide to return sometime in the future. You're one of the more "contributing" members of the forum. HC needs more people like you. Have a great time.
  4. My boy @Naton always out here with the correct replies. I taught you well son.
  5. I highly doubt HC will ever support Dead By Daylight. The demand simply isn't big enough. I could be wrong though.
  6. Are you 100% certain that you followed the guide(s)?
  7. What CPU do you currently have?
  8. No one is forcing you to buy the cheat. If you have AMD then too bad, you simply can’t use the cheat. Sure, you can argue that HC just lost a customer. But the facts won’t change, the admins have no intention to work on AMD support.
  9. Yes it will work just fine for you, if you follow the guide. And I believe a few of our resellers take debit card. (not 100% sure though)
  10. Hey friends. I've decided to resign as support at HyperCheats. I was made aware of my heavy inactivity by the staff team. I totally agreed with them about my inactivity, but I decided to try to become more active. I just don't have time at all anymore. Exams and other irl stuff simply get in the way. Anyways, I've really enjoyed working side-by-side with the staff team here at HyperCheats. The admins are some of the nicest people I've been pleased to meet in a very long time. Even though I've resigned as support, I'll still be sticking around and helping when I can. It's been an awesome experience to be a part of the support team, I thank the whole HyperCheats community for that. I'll see you all around the forum
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    @Dave1777 Let’s get married
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