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  1. We'll have our compensation when it can't be used again. LOL
  2. I bought the rust level 2 cheat for 1 month. December 14 after 3 days there are lots of reports regarding the ban, then at December 18 it is changed to testing, ever since then i haven't used the cheat due to it being detected. I expect to have near 27 days of compensation since i only did use 3 days of my subs. Please help. Thank you. I already did have a support ticket with evidence that i bought subs on December 14, 2019 take note i bought the cheat whilst it is undetected, (green questionmark).
  3. When do compensation happens? i bought 1 month but i've only used it for 3 days being undetected, after that i'm getting bans. When does hc compensates?
  4. yes i bought one from banek, yes he would send later, its fine hehe
  5. I want to buy 1 month is there a reseller? i only have paypal though
  6. Yes, usually some public cheat got detected and will took so long to get UD again, HC comeback so fast. It's just that i feel that the fun was way shorter since it will be totally not playable after sometime. 🙂
  7. you compensate +1 day for detection, and i won't complain since its a public cheat, yes that is a cheaper option but i mean, when ever i saw my PC its like the loader has devil within trying to make me play even when in testing mode. I pretty much play to check whether its fixed already or not. In the end it cost me more since i got 6-8 accounts banned using 1 month just because I'm eager to play with HC. In 1 week subs though i enjoyed 2x subscription without wasting money on accounts. so basically yes buying 1 month is a cheaper option, but its rare for rust to get fully UD in 1 month, atleast as a customer experienced using level 2 rust i have learned that the best option to save money is to buy 1 week only and play 2 full weeks starting from the day it was announced fully UD. this is my opinion though some of you might not agree with me :)
  8. My advice is that just don't sub for a month since its rare for rust to get UD for a month, i'm doing weekly subs in which i sub only 1 week at a time at most i get 2 weeks subs and still was UD, after 2nd week thats the most of the ban came in, its either delayed ban or detection ban by experience i always got ban using the cheat level 2 on 3rd week injecting the cheat or not i got ban. I have tried subbing for months and after the 2nd week i just lost a lot of accounts since i got ban in a span of 4-6 hours, i mean for a public cheat Hyper will run at almost a month without bans, thats pretty sick for me considering anyone can buy a subs.
  9. @Cybil Cheats i think they did their job maintaining the cheat, the only thing is hard is testing your changes that is why it was still investigating. And EAC doesn't wanna insta ban cheaters so that cheat devs have hard time testing out if their ware is detected. Hyper is good for a public cheat since by my experience i can run level 2 for 2 week as soon as it was announced fully undetected, i usually get banned using the cheat or not using it on 3rd week. so if you really wanna cheat so hard get invite to private ch, and this will be so hard since it would took you something to get trusted.
  10. level 2, By experience after it got UD i can survive until 2nd week, i always get ban on 3rd week, given if the HWID is UD as well. ban happen to me at 3rd week using or not using the cheat. last time i got banned after 2nd week even though i didn't inject anymore. so play with alts not main its fine. in ESP only im not so sure, some says they last longer, but i'm not really sure
  11. Iayouni


    Hi i already sent the payment to the wallet address but im still not able to use it.