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  1. OW anti cheat isnt really good. Problem is Blizzard sues the shit out of Cheat makers... no one wants to deal with million dollar lawsuits. It cripples the business so yeah probably wont happen.
  2. If people were getting banned you would see the forum on fire but no one is posting. Also i have played literally 2 mins ago and my 3 months old acc is fine
  3. Im not freezing at all probably a problem on your end
  4. Yeah thats one method. Other people always use the Spoofer so if they want to play legit at a later point in time they can use their original HWID. But yeah im never using a spoofer since i have never been banned so thats nice.
  5. I never used the Rust hack myself but some Mates of mine did. 1.) Bans vary alot. Sometimes there is no ban wave for a really long time and sometimes (especially in testing phases) little changes can get you banned easily but thats just how EAC and Rust works. Especially with a public cheat it will happen that you get banned. The Hypercheat staff does a great job but they arent Wizzards. The best thing you can do is to buy cheap accs and never play on your main account. If you get banned it wont be a big loss. I never bothered about bans in rust since the servers get wiped all the time anyways and its not like your acc is "bound" to your base. A ban in Rust isnt as bad as lets say in Rainbow six siege where everything is stored on the acc. Also often its just the Spoofer that gets you banned so if you are lucky and you dont have to use it you will experience even less bans. 2.) Yes there is smoothing and you can make it look very legit with the right settings. 3.) My mate never used those i think its better to just not use them but again im not sure on that one. 4.) Trust me its all safe and the Setup is very easy. If you need support people will help you