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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I need help setting up a config for my rainbow six siege level 2 cheat. I for some reason could not get the aimbot to work. If you guys could also help me understand what non sticky aim is I would really appreciate it. I will leave my current aimbot config here for you to tell me what I am doing wrong Best regards.
  2. To start it off, this cheat and the cheats HC provides are amazing. While setting up this cheat which I hadn't done in quite a while i encountered one or two problems, one of them that i fixed myself, and another I had help with from the community and support. This is probably one of the easiest to use, yet brings such good quality and is satisfactory ALL of the time. The Aimbot, well it works wonders if I do say so myself, now I'll also be honest and keep the cockiness down but I don't really need it, having played games on a PC for about 4-5 years now my aim is pretty good, but of course, if you have aimbot, well why not use it! Its so easy to configure and it looks really legit when you find a good smoothing for your own preference. The ESP is good, I think it would be nice to have more options to customise it a bit more to our own style, but hey, it works, and doesn't cause performance issues, so I will not complain what so ever. The menu overall is so easy to use, however i do find that if you open the menu at different times you can end up shooting while enabling features (maybe i was doing something wrong). Its small and compact so it doesn't suddenly pop up and ruin your view of things if you are editing settings during a round. The last thing I have to say is that for the people that are always here saying "oh the cheat doesn't work" or "its always detected" with all due respect, you are the people that need to take your time and do some of your own research before you assume things that other people have said on other providing forums. I won't name any but I've seen so many people complain because someone on another forum offers their "private cheat" for a lower price. Which is almost likely a scam or very unstable or possibly even malware. I used the level one cheat of r6s a long time ago and since then there were no problems for me with any aspect of HyperCheats. I really recommend this and every other cheat to anyone looking at this site, yes its a bit of money, but you have to respect that the devs are a small team who provide insane cheats of good quality, in some of what I believe to be the hardest games to actually get cheats working for. I'm no elon musk but when I have the money I will throw more of it at this site and its team. Hopefully this review will change some people's negative views! Have a good day everyone!
  3. Hello beautiful people! I'm offering you Rainbow six siege uplay accounts for the cheap price. 2$ per account. Accepting paypal & btc! Pm me if you are interested in this offer! 🙂
  4. RAINBOW SIX | SIEGE ACCOUNTS --------------------- SELLING --------------------- BRAND NEW GIFT ACCOUNTS FULL ACCESS If you need a quick Cheap account to cheat on , here's the best full access Rainbow Six | Siege Account at a cheap Price since now that the 2 -step Verification is going to be added for Ranked Game plays Payment mode: Paypal F&F, Bitcoin, Ethereum DISCORD : luminosity#3265 ------------------------- Account Type: ------------------------- # STARTER EDITION - 8$ # GOLD EDITION - 26$ # COMPLETE EDITION - 40$ Also Selling CRACKED ACCOUNTS ( Contact me on Discord) Note : These aren't Cracked accounts. These Accounts are Full Access i.e You can Change your Email and Password of these Accounts . Plus these are STEAM accounts
  5. Welcome to my Shop! Here you will find the cheapest and best Games Accounts out there. You will gain access to the steam account and first email. Payment Method: BTC | Paypal Following things you will recieve: Steam login Steam password Email Login Email Password You can buy Pubg Direct in Here: Payment Method: Paypal in website | Can Accept BTC/LTC Dm Discord: Lavi#9683 Folowing Prices As On 9/november: Curent prices as on 9/november= pubg= $ 16.9 pp / 14$btc r6=$10 pp/ 8$btc rust= $9.99 pp/ $8 btc dead by daylight= $6.99 pp/ 4.99$btc overwatch= $20 btc blackops 4= $40 btc scum= 8$gta=14.99$ pp / 12$btc pubg 100+hours(ingame name not created) =21$ pubg 500 hours (ingame name not created)=24.99$