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Found 26 results

  1. Good day. Any news about rust cheat? Can it be used right now? (bought code from the seller, but then saw messages about the bans so idk whether to activate it now or wait)
  2. hello, my subscription just recently expired, i keep getting instant game banned every time i join the rusty moose server, i already reformatted my hard drive and wiped everything and i load in all legit and got kicked and game banned within 20 minutes of playing normally, any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. So i bought rust lvl 2 yesterday and for the first hour everything went smoothly no lag or freezing at all. I turned off the cheat and shut down my pc to go eat dinner. I return start it up again join a server and start to get these little lag moments. I was ok with them as they were only 1-2 seconds but as i went on they turned in 10-20 seconds and happened very often. I tried restarting my computer joining different servers and turning my graphics to super potato mode but nothing worked. I want to know if there is anything i can do to stop these lag spikes?
  4. Rust and HyperCheats review Hey! Hi. So I just wanted to make a review on the HC Rust cheat. First of all I would say it is amazing and fun.. Sometimes. Right, so let’s get into this. I bought the cheats 3 days ago from a reseller. The English from the seller was not on top but it was totally understandable. It took roughly about 5-7 hours to get it all through the purchase, which I am totally OK with because I did not buy it with Bit Coins as recommended. Also, as I am a student the prices are a bit expensive, but totally worth it. I run a community on the side where I make money and I love to do reviews to other people as I did not find a lot out there for these exact cheats. (I must admit that I found it rather sketchy for that price and that you are only able to pay through crypto currency, something that I am not used to on a regular day to day basis) When I got the cheats I was a bit confused with how it worked as it was instructed to restart my PC. I also had a little struggle figuring out how to check my Windows version. Just a quick google search and I was good to go. The live chat with other VIP’s and support members was also a great way to go! Ask a question and if someone knew what to do they message you back. I restarted my PC two times and the cheat was totally working. The UI on the other hand could have a little remake as it is fairly simple, but it is not a big issue, as it is user friendly and works perfectly fine! Rust launched perfectly fine and because I bought the game on a second steam account during summer sale on steam (About 8 USD), there was really not any reason to me being afraid of being banned. So I may have went all out. I believe because it was not 100% safe to use at the time, I was banned by Rust. But it was not due to Anticheat. Not really sure what went down! x) Figuring out the keybinds was a mess at first, (“Home button” is default for those wondering!) but I got it working due to the live chat. Once I got the cheat up and running I went straight onto a couple of servers and had tons of fun and trolling. The cheat is perfect for trolling and quite good at predictions of where the players are running. It is a bit difficult to hit people with a bow and arrow due to the arrow travel times. I quickly figured out that it is a lot easier to hit with an AK or a Semi automatic rifle! 🙂 But it is not 100% accurate, but I would say it is as close as you can get on a game with bullet travel times (Compared to other games like CSGO and Call of Duty) https://gyazo.com/733ef0e0c1511ac6323ca55c9fecea64 The other cheat functions like Swing control and where you can change amount of recoil is amazing! What you can do is making the spray line perfectly up with the cheats built in crosshair, and the spray pattern will be a single dot at where you are aimed in at. Things like ESP are also a great feature. In the start of the game it is very smart to avoid other players with guns like AK’s. (At least until you can get yourself a revolver or a crossbow). ESP for Sulfur, metal and items are also very good for the playing experience. Instead of spending hours of running around finding the rocks you can run straight to them. Admins can easily spot this though. Not the cheats fault! (Did not get caught doing this). https://gyazo.com/e5a59c34198e1ac68997ebb1ae19e6f8 The Admin feature is also pretty insane. I love pressing a key bind to find the easiest ways to raid a base etc. You can also troll your friends with what clothes the enemies are wearing or what they are doing. The built in always day feature gives you a great advantage while fighting at night, especially if you are using a suppressor. https://gyazo.com/dd250b91a25dd654fb9a45678da30825 https://gyazo.com/9d4b79e7eb66ac9cf5db5c9c5be4cd1d What I think could be improved; Add a save config! Every time I log in I have to go trough all of the settings to get it back to what I used to have. Especially the ESP ones are a pain in the ass. Also, if it would be possible to add so you could customise them more (Change colors etc). Aimbot could be slightly improved when it comes to the compound bow, as I missed every single shot! Might just be me! Haha 😄 Text on the ESP is a bit simple, maybe make it a bit cooler. Not a huge issue tho! Horses could also show up on the ESP. Kinda sad not to have a horse 😞 Add a possibility to add streamer mode Change default menu key bind Other than that I would say that I 100% recommend this cheats, especially to new cheaters as it is very simple and easy to use. Price is a bit hefty but affordable for small periods. I also got a couple of days back due to the cheat being detected! 10/10 service from them if you ask me! ESP is a solid 10/10 Aimbot is a solid 7/10 (Not due to the cheat but due to how Rust works) AntiCheat and HWID Spoofer is definately a 10/10 Support is also a good 9/10 If I ever get some amount of money I will definitely try out and review the other cheats they have to offer ❤️ Nick out!
  5. Hello, I have the money to buy the Rust cheat but I'm curious. Will Rust cheat work with my PC specs? Processor - AMD-FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor 8.00 GB memory of RAM 64x based processor I also recently got a new graphics card recently. It's the ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 2070 OC edition 8GB GDDR6 Thank you for reading
  6. Our Rust Prices start at $6.49 with $2.00 Off Discount = $4.49 (You will NOT find a cheaper Rust account anywhere else) Hundreds of other games are also available on all platforms at discount prices. Thousands of Hobby & Gaming Supplies as well as 3D Printers, Parts, and Filament. Visit our Site: https://swiftgames.us Join our Discord & find out how to get yours today: SwiftGames.us Support Thank you for your business. The SWIFTGAMES INC Team
  7. To enter: Comment below, fuck the rest of that stuff 🙂 The winners names will be revealed below and their winnings PM'd to them on the 1/4/2019!
  8. Yesterday I first installed hyper cheats on my PC , I did everything strictly according to the instructions, but in the boot process of the loader a glitch occurred (the applications stopped running), after which the Windows Blue screen with the error code was 0x0000001E, and the Error in the driver was Ntoskrnl.exe. I did everything strictly according to the instructions I received, I tried all the methods to eliminate the error, but nothing helped. I tried many times, a similar error scenario always occurred. I also tried a stable version of the bootloader attached by a reseller, but nothing helped. I encountered the similar error Blue screen for the first time. windows 10-1809 version (with all new updates).12 hours have passed since the activation, but I still can not use cheat. please, help
  9. Hello today i am live streaming rust hacking at https://youtube.com/spazzychickens/live Come watch and like and all that shizzle :P
  10. I purchased the Rust Level 2 hacks. With much trail and error i got it working. My PC crashed many times. So once again my PC turns on and asks me to reset my HWID, so I did. Then it told me to open latest.exe which i do then i login and am told to reset my HWID, but no I have no resets left and cannot access my hacks without buying new one.
  11. • Purchase Process 10/10 (Very easy to buy with Bitcoins and fast.) • Aimbot 9.1/10 (It‘s just an orgasm... it has many customizable things.) • ESP/Wallhack 10/10 (Just Perfect, nothing to say here.) • Forum Support/Admins 9/10 (They are very friendly and are helping you with everything in case of a problem.) [First of all, sorry if some people don’t understand my English, it’s not my native language, i’m from Germany 😅.] The Rust Hack Level 2 is really great... the problems are just the Bans, that it is maybe detected... I purchased the Cheat last Thursday and I could play from Friday to Monday (3 Days) without any problem! This Three Days I had so much fun, it was just worth it. Then since Monday I have been banned all the time and have so far wasted 6 accounts. It's a shame because the hack is really fun! That's why I would also like to prefer a reset of my time because I could only really use 3 days. (Win Version 1809 - without HWID Spoofing) ————————————- But still, the Aimbot is great! Really Smooth and Hits 99,99% all the Time! The ESP Wallhack is also just great, nothing to say here because it works just perfekt like a Charms. Item ESP, and much more is also included! Like Stone, Metal, Sulfur ESP.. I even find sometimes some Semi Autos just on the ground thanks to the ITEM ESP! And don’t forget the Admin Mode, such an Epic Thing to Raid Bases! With the Admin Mode you can move your Camera Free like you were an little Bee. ————————————- Thanks for reading this far. For all future customers I can only say, buy this cheat that is just awesome and worth it. Soon an update will surely come out where it is 100% undetected, so you can have fun for months. Lovely Greetings from Germany Sentinel -
  12. dose the spoofer work on already banned accounts on steam or do i need to get a other account and do i need to do the hwid spoofer every time i play and i dont want to hack any more just want to stay unbanned from rust Thx
  13. Добрый вечер, братва! Наверное, многие уже видели ролик-Showcase с кратким обзором функций чита от #HyperCheat на РАСТ. Но до сих пор у наших пользователей остаются вопрос по использованию и запуску данного ПО. Поэтому мы специально для наших клиентов записали видео, которое даст ответы на все часто задаваемые вопросы, а так же продемонстрирует возможности ПО. Наша группа по поддержке данного чита - https://vk.com/mar1khacksru
  14. All accounts are absolutely new and clean, you´ll be the first and only owner. Instructions for use RUST account: You need to download and install Steam Welcome to Steam (if not already installed) Sign in to your account using the purchased login and password. To change the data from the e-mail: Click on login, click "Account" In the contact information section, add your phone by clicking on the "Add phone" After binding can change mail Steam-> Settings-> edit contact email address will then be able to change your password. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You buy 100% safe steam acc with Rust. Any region available. INSTANT DELIVERY (1-30 min) - ONLY IF SELLER ONLINE!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For fastest my reply msg me here: Skype - > live:realsmurfgod -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Work in the boosting and sale of accounts for more than 5 years, with an impeccable reputation!
  15. Hello guys, i'm new and i want to ask U, how long i need to wait to get rust cheat's ?
  16. Im on a mission to find a reasonable price for active rust hacks/cheats for US official servers, thanks for your help!
  17. hello, I would like to know if thereafter it would be possible that you can put up for sale script and even a no spread so that I can integrate my mouse bloody a4tech
  18. Hi i'm selling accounts Rust: 6$ Pubg: 8$ I can also find you any game at a good price. Payments: BTC Descriptions: Accounts are not my personal, they are hacked after purchase, I give you a guarantee of 5 hours that they will not be restored! Please do not spam in this thread. In private messages, I can sell you an account This topic is for your positive feedback.
  19. First off I wanted to add that although I have the option to buy Rust Level 2, I feel that player ESP is already overpowered enough for you to be dominating the server. Level 2 is nice and all but I feel it makes it a but too easy for you, but that is just my opinion only. I like having a bit of a challenge and not have the enemies cry admin everytime they get tripple headshotted. Another reason is that I've spent about a month in the summer practising all the sprays so I don't aim like a potato. With that said the rust Level 1 is one of the nicest things out there. The past 2 months I've had it is upthere with the most fun experience Ive had ever playing rust. Yeah you won't win EVERY fight as you don't have aimbot, but knowing the enemies location gives you the upper hand EVERYTIME. You have the ability to sneak up to farmers/raiders and as long as you are not blatantly obvious you will be fine ban wise. Personally, I have won 9/10 of the fights I've taken. The 1 death I attribute to me missing the first shot or getting caught sneaking around. The ESP shows all the vital information you need, the guns theyre carrying/ their health level/ how far away they are. My only gripe really is that sometimes you kill someone you can't see their dead body in the ESP or the dropped items. An option for this in ESP would be great in my opinion but not that big of a hassle as you will face this problem while playing rust normally. As far for the security, I played on official servers with my friends for a whole month without getting a manual ban. I was only banned because of a detection ban wave. Honestly lasting that long in official servers is impressive. I've only stopped playing in official servers as I learnt that my friends could have been banned aswell for hacker association, so I didn't want to needlessly put them at a risk. Lastly, I wanted to add something my friend said. I have a friend who has a lot of "invites" to other rust hack groups and would boast to me about them. He would pay enormous prices for the cheat but always got banned within a few days because it would get detected super fast. Wanted to add this because it was funny he would have private cheats with little playing time while I was on a public cheat where I lasted a whole month and theres people who lasted longer. I had my doubts at first because I hear stories about people getting scammed trying to get their hands on some rust cheats but I am glad that this was not the case. Overall, I would give the Rust Level 1 cheat a 9/10. The admins are always working on the cheat when it comes to developing the cheat, trying to push an update out for the latest game patch within 24 hours or working on the security in general. They are pretty responsive with the clients and help out whenever they can which is fantastic. You also have support members if you have queries or any issues. Theres nothing much to add other than mentioning again about having one of the most fun experience i've had playing rust thanks to HC rust level 1. Only reason I'd give it a higher rating is the small feature I mentioned above.
  20. So on the banner on the home-screen it says the Rust cheat is "Updated" yet when I check the status page it shows as "In-Testing", also another side question Is the cheat safe to use while Testing ?
  21. Hi, does testing means its undetected but still testing or is it unkown?
  22. ever

    Rust Status?

    How long has Rust been down? Any ETA on a fix? I see it shows for sale in the store but on the status page it shows 'detected'. Just want to confirm that it is in fact detected ATM and NOT for sale? Thanks.
  23. Yo! I have a question...🤔 What's Rust status now? Undetected?😑 And can I buy it? 😎
  24. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the rust update? Like does anyone know when it will be updated?