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With great success comes a great amount of envy and a whole lot of scamming opportunities. 

It has been brought to our attention that there have been quite a lot of people making accounts on our platform with the soul interest of advertising scams. We understand that given the fact that we are by far the biggest public cheat provider, others will try to capitalise on our legitimate success and attempt to scam you out of your money. There are no other public platforms that provide what we do, yet people will try to sell you a dream by either pretending that they are not advertising their wares, or by offerings things that we no longer do, hoping that members of our community are stupid enough to fall for their bullshit.

We're putting up this public notice to try and inform those who have not been around for a long time, or those that may fall for something that 'is too good to be true'.

If you get approached by anyone via a PM advertising different platforms or telling you to add them on Discord or so on to sell you cheats, keep something this in mind: We started from nothing, and we got to this point by providing a legitimate, working service. If any other people claim to have good cheats, you need to understand that there should be no need for them to try and advertise them here. The only reason why they have a compulsion to message users of our platform is because they are not providing anything legitimate, if they were, there would be enough buzz around their platform for them not to require any shady advertising via PM's on other services.

Whenever you get approached by someone 'offering a similar service' on anything, ever, you need to think of them as entities that clearly cannot gather a userbase otherwise.

Can you remember the last time that someone approached you in McDonalds to tell you how good of a deal you can get at KFC? No? That's because KFC has an existing, proven pedigree.

Don't fall for the scams. Anyone compelled to advertise on a different provider is a clear scam. Don't be sheep.

Report any PM's from people trying to scam you, so that others who may not be as well versed in the way of the internet don't end up victims of scammers.

Thanks 🙂

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But even if you report, you lost your money.

So whenever you see something to good to be true just stay away and be smart, cheats/offers without a community behind means 100% scam in my opinion.

And i love KFC! 😫

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