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I wouldn't normally be posting stuff like this, especially about individual people, but given that Johnsmith has been an integral part of our community for quite a while, and many of you would not have been a part of our platform without him, I thought I'd get you all briefly caught up.

The reason Johnsmith is no longer a re-seller has nothing to do with our relationship to him as a re-seller, he has chosen to step down due to personal reasons, and I'm simply writing this thread to inform you all of this, so that return customers of his do not waste their time, or his time for that matter. There was no bad-blood or wrong-doing in this rank removal, it was purely his request based on his personal situation.

I'm sure that in the future we will have him back amongst our midst as a re-seller, and potentially something else in the mean-time. So, due to his step-down, please forward your requests to our other capable re-sellers, as most of them will be able to offer similar services.


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Thanks everyone, glad this was clarified! I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully all goes well & I can return as a re-seller, as for now I'll just go forward as offering help to anyone who needs it on here. Thanks again!

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