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My Honest Rust level 2 Experience and Review

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Hey guys,

I write this in the idea that someone will read it and feel the same as i do regard rust HC lvl 2.

I have started with level 1 and after 2 months of playing with just ESP i feel ready to go with the big tool for adults Rust Lvl. 2

The game just become better and better while i get used with it, and Rust become more fun with HC attached.

I could troll everybody around (and i love to troll people), with Admin mode debug camera i could just move away from my base into my neighbors base and listen to what they are talking about, i could hear when they explain each other where to place the loot in which box and sometimes what's the Keylock password😂.

I could just enter a server, activate Hidden Stash ESP and keep running for stash all over the map and steal C4's Ak's and enormous amounts of resources hidden by players (this is new meta, sad that it won't work because with HC lvl2 you can find them :D), in 10 mins i was the richest player around with just that.

I can just Activate TC ESP and go straight for TC and take the control of building, or just Disable constructions (which remove walls) and you can see where the loot boxes is hidden.

Or!! i can just activate Sulfur ESP and get them all, or Heli AIM/ESP and take down Heli my self with 100X 5.56 bullets and 1 AK half damaged.

I figure out that i can stand Solo playing against Zerg clans of 6-15 members and they could not prove i am cheating, admin even check my PC i gave him Team View and he installed all kind of craps to read processes attached to Rust and he found nothing he even check rust but before i gave him access by teamview i disable everything and hide menu, he even congratulate me for being so good 🤣


Now after so much time using it, I can't imagine Rust without HC, the fun would be no longer the same.

The advantage you get using this cheat is just insane when you realize that not even the server owner have the same "skill"  as yours.

The Devs are amazing, and if you think about the price, well, the quantity of effort drop on Rust Cheat just make it cheap in my opinion.

I have tried them all, all cheats on market private or public like (Remmoved, not even worth to mention them here) and soo soo many other, but they left a bad taste in my mouth, after wasting 18 month's to get invited i figured out that what i received is nothing like what they advertise, and for the price of 35$ per month, as they advertised, i also had to pay 50 - 100$ to keep my "slot" or anybody else would get it from me if they would be more active or had more donations then me.

I had only ESP and really really bugged, and i was getting banned in maximum 8 hours, without rage, the only answer i got "well you cheat?!?! what do you expect?!?!"


After 2 years and half lost with craps, i found HyperCheats, some guys eat shit about it on a forum i forgot which one, they were saying devs are useless, and this cheat is just a copy/past.

I was skeptical and told to my self "why not give it a try?"

1 month on this community and i figure out that this is the best cheat EVER for Rust and you can't find anything better, if we talk about quality HC out-stand all of them together.

I was waiting 2-5 month's for an update when a ban wave emerge on rust before it gets on testing phase with other cheats, now i wait 1hour - 7 days maximum, then it get's into testings to make sure everything is fine.

EAC advance like crazy lately and sooner or later things will change and I believe that in near future will be only Private cheats that cost 500$ - 2500$ (private because devs are lazy it's easier to hold 4 members and not 100) and HC with the same price as now, if not even cheaper which offer the same thing if not better, that's the only options you'll have, that's how i predict.


I wish long life to HC and HC Devs, and ofcourse to everybody from this community which make's it work.


PS: Sorry if i misspell here and there but i wrote this on Phone and Iphone X is the worst  "smart" phone out there ( Don't buy it ).


Thank you very much for your attention, have fun and stay Hype! 😉

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