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WARNING! Payments

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Due to an ever-increasing amount of this activity, we're going to tighten up our belts and dish out some warnings.

- Make sure that you go through the 'Store' system provided for you at the top of the page, in full. If you do not, you are possibly forfeiting your money.
- Make sure that you have more than enough BTC ready. If you underpay, Coinpayments will receive your money, we won't, you get nothing.
- Do not just send BTC to an address without going through the store process. This money will become null and void
- Do NOT, contact us asking why you haven't received your VIP yet. When it says 'Confirmed' for you, it still has to be sent to us. It's not direct. It takes time.

Starting now, we will be ignoring all new comers with the following idea: "I've paid 3 hours ago but I didn't get my rank?". Why? Because we constantly get people trying to scam us. People are making mistakes on purpose, so that their rank can be added manually. Later in the day, or the day after, you get their buddy, quoting us the same Payment ID, hoping that they also get upgraded manually, via the same payment.

We're tired of spending time that could be used on more worth-while things like Dev time and Customer Service, investigating and dealing with people trying to get a freebie.

Our payment system works, and it is not difficult. We've done our bit, time for you to do yours. If you send your money to the address without going through the Store process, if you send less than required or anything of the sort, we will put it down as you not doing your job, after we've done ours.

BE VERY CAREFUL, when making a payment. It is your responsibility to do that correctly, and by making it, you accept that responsibility.


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