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The only reason why wouldn't I renew my sub

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Hello dear developers.

I have been talking about this in chat a lot lately, and checking out every day to see if it happens but still no changes. So i decided to make this post and have your attention because i find this critical and very needed.

The aimbot in apex legends doesn't have headshot option, it aims on body only(chest). You might get lucky sometimes to move your cursor up and hit 1-2 headshots but it's a full luck and nothing special.

I am begging you please add a head aim for this perfect hack, other cheaters are killing me because they have that option, so no matter how good i position or even if i start shooting them first, they can kill me with half mag while i can't kill them even with full mag sometimes (for example Wingman does 45dmg per body shot and 90-110 if headshot).

This was just an example of most popular weapon, but u can see that the difference is too big. It sucks to not have headshot option in aimbot, I am begging you please make this option because this is the most important feature for aimbot, especially in a game like apex, where headshot matters!

Another critical issue is the gold backpack, i have hada thread already for this but it still has no fix. Gold backpack is the best item in apex legends and it hurts to have item esp but miss that overpowered item.

Or if you can fix the speedhack back then everything else can wait. Speedhack is the most fun and most powered feature out there, i just doubt that it is possible to fix it back so that's why i am asking about headshot and gold backpack.


These are the only reasons that would make me not renew my sub because everything else is perfect and service in hypercheats is awesome, i love every minute of beeing here, please make me happy and let me stay longer, I want to have these options and i truly hope that I am not asking too much.


With love ❤️

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The aimbot is set to neck which means you will hit both head and cheat, its just a rage prevention.

Most of you use rage options inside misc, get banned fast and then return here to claim detection which make it really hard for us to trust you.

A perfect cheat means no detection or at least less detection, but with rage cheating its useless to fight against detection if you get reported by 10-15 players every day.

Every cheat get updated with new options when it turn come, like rust for example, i think there is nothing else to be added is just perfect.

Patience is the key of success.:thinksmart:



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Devs are contantly working on the cheats here and if you look at the suggestions for apex you will see that aimspot is included in the requested features for future development 🙂 

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Well, thanks for information, will try to wait as much as possible but i think you shouldn't care for whiners who ragehack and whine here for being banned or saying it's detected. But ragehack option must exist for the ones who doesn't care for being banned but cares for killing everybody or hates to be killed by some random ragehacker

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