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I added this reseller called mianbao, I bought the cheat for Rust level one for one day. I send him the picture of the payment complete and am waiting more than 25mins and gets off right after I send it. WTF Explain or HELP ME Please. And he's page says Legit and fast. HELP NEVER REPLY BACK TO ME HELP! First I added him and then he added me back and told him what I want to buy and told me this and I send he the preview of me before sending it and 1min later I send it and no reply back HELP 

paypal:[email protected] Please send US dollars. Please send as "friends and family", other choices I don't receive, prevent malicious refunds, hope to understand. Please give me a screenshot after payment, thank you!



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I hope you get your service as promised, but you must also recognise and consider that these resellers are NOT robots, these are real people who need to eat sleep, shit ,shave, shower, you name it. People have real lives as well as just sitting at a computer screen all day. Contact him formally and do not be angry or threatening, like any business in life, no one is likely to treat you with as much respect and care if you do not give them the same respect. You must contact him to get it sorted with all of your evidence, after all, resellers are basically a third-party payment, you are going to have to wait for him to get back to you.


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