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I will try to update this forum in order to address questions that have to be answered multiple times.

Q) Are there any specific requirements for using your products?
A) Yes. You must have the latest version of Windows 10, an Intel CPU and the ability to follow simple instructions.

Q) I paid, it says completed, but my rank is the same/can I get my rank?
A) The system is automatic. Once the payment clears on your end, it still has to be picked up and authorised on our end. Once it is, it will automatically adjust your rank.

Q) Can I have a trial of the hack before purchase?
A) We are not currently offering any kind of trials.

Q) Can I use the cheat on my other computer?
A) No. The cheat is locked to one computer. If you run into issues because of this and end up being locked out of the main computer that you use, contact an administrator for a HWID reset.

Q) What is your refund policy?
A) We have developed our system in a way that it can be used by anyone who meets the criteria (Windows 10 latest version/Intel CPU/Ability to follow simple instructions). Unless you have some overwhelming reason for us to issue you a refund, we will not.

Q) Are you affiliated with any other similar services?
A) No.

Q) Can I upgrade my Level 1 to Level 2?
A) Yes, the option is available in the store.

Q) What is a good website to buy Bitcoin?
A) It depends where you're from and how you wish to buy it. https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/ will allow you to narrow down your possibilities. 

Q) Do you accept Paypal/will you accept Paypal in the future?
A) We currently have no plans to accept Paypal, regardless of the situation.

Q) Can I be staff? I'm a content maker, can I have the cheat for free to advertise for you? Can I be a helper?
A) We are not currently looking for any staff or content makers. When we do, we generally reach out to people ourselves, or would post that we require such services. Users don't need a rank to be helpful, if you know the answer to a question, please feel free to answer it for your fellow peers, they and us will appreciate it, and your knowledge will not go unnoticed.

Q) Can I pay $x now and $x in a few days?
A) No. Our system is automated, and what you are asking requires a manual setup, which causes issues on our end of the transaction. If you can afford it in a few days, not now, please be patient for a few days.

Q) Can I pay a re-seller on Paypal and they give me BTC?
A) We do not mediate transactions between users and re-sellers. We do not control re-sellers actions. Feel free to reach out to them yourselves, if they refuse, please do not try to contact us about it, it is their choice.

Q) Can I be a re-seller?
A) If you wish to become a re-seller, feel free to contact SaTan or myself with your 'CV' as well as the country you mostly operate in. Whether or not you are accepted is completely up to HC staff, and if rejected, it is not up for discussion until you can provide something more appealing. Thanks for understanding.

Q) I have a question and it hasn't been answered here, who is best to contact?
A) Feel free to ask general questions via the forums or shoutbox. The best staff members to contact are Sufficate or myself, if the conversation needs to remain private.

This list will be updated as necessary.

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