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Retiring as support

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Hey friends. I've decided to resign as support at HyperCheats. I was made aware of my heavy inactivity by the staff team. I totally agreed with them about my inactivity, but I decided to try to become more active. I just don't have time at all anymore. Exams and other irl stuff simply get in the way.

Anyways, I've really enjoyed working side-by-side with the staff team here at HyperCheats. The admins are some of the nicest people I've been pleased to meet in a very long time.
Even though I've resigned as support, I'll still be sticking around and helping when I can.

It's been an awesome experience to be a part of the support team, I thank the whole HyperCheats community for that.
I'll see you all around the forum :classic_love:

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21 hours ago, zoK1 said:

Good luck in all your projects!


18 hours ago, killmenow said:

Goodluck and thank you for the great help you gave people


17 hours ago, blueviper1 said:

have a nice life! Gl mate :classic_love:


15 hours ago, Cody said:

Good luck in life!

Thanks to all of you. :feelsgoodman:

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