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This my review of PUBG LEVEL 1.

I used the Level 1 in the past for 2 months (6 months ago, in January).. So I can compare the differences now, in its entirety.


+    Less crashs than before but still here (crash/bsod)

+    ESP working like as he should do it

+    Fast support

+    1+ year safe!


-     Fps drop. Unlike the game which has seen a clear improvement in the fps, since the first time I used HC (6 months ago), I didn't saw any improvement in term of fps, still too much drops. As a reminder, I'm just using Level 1 with Boxes enabled, 250m...

-    The lack of features. I know it's only a Level 1, but it should be full in term of visual, for the price we paid :

              - Loot (2D Box, Name, Distance, Equipment, Weapon, Attachment, Ammunition, Use, AirDrop, Filter, Dead),

              - Vehicle ( 2D Box, Name, Distance, Boat),

              - Radar,

should be added, Im not using all of this but should be a great idea.

-     The lack of customization (features). Guys... Really? During all this time, no one thought to add like : Color Manager, Bind Manager, Spectator count, and a useful one to permit to save and load your config (what you using etc...), because it's so annoying each time you load, to turn on/off each features you want or not.

Personally, I just want/using boxes only, but I don't want this f**** health bar and the small dot on the head, come on, why no one had the idea the permit to turn on/off each features... 


Well, I will recommend HC for sure, the cheats are safe and trusted, and the support is here. But imo, for the price I think there is not enough stuff (or reduce the price then) in the level 1. If level 1 has visuals, then put it on everything like loot, vehicle etc... Not only on players, if not, make a Level 1, 2 and 3 then...

I don't understand how some smalls features can't be add during all this time... Like I said, Color Manager, Bind Manager, Spectator count, save and load your config...

To finish, during this last 6 months (first time I tried this cheat), I will hope for a big improvement in the fps/bsod, but it's far from being there...







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